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About Ritsaert Menick

Cars - Landscape - People - Travel
Sunset at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi

Ritsaert Menick is an entrepreneur and free-lance photographer. He founded the Dutch carleasing firm Bright Lease B.V. in 2003 . As the MD of Bright Lease Ritsaert attended several car introductions over the world, where he developed his passion for car, travel and landscape photography . After he sold  Bright Lease in 2016 to ALD Automotive, Ritsaert founded the investment and finance firm Hamilton Finance B.V. to participate in promising company's and started traveling to inspiring photo locations all over the world.

It's the aim of Ritsaert to 'capture the world'  with an emphasize on beautiful composition and refreshing views. Since 2016 Ritsaert often travels together with well know landscape photographer Bas Meelker ( to improve his skills and to inspire each other to capture the world in the most stunning way.

A selection of pictures displayed on are for sale - but strictly limited to 5 pieces. If you have interest in purchasing a picture digital or printed, please don't hesitate to mail